Sunday, February 24, 2013

tar-jay, sun-day...

So, it's been a pretty busy week on my end. This resulted in a lot less blog posts than I had originally planned. Such is life. I somehow always find the time to stop by my favorite store in the entire world at least 3 times a week. Drum roll please.........Target! Seriously, who doesn't love this store (besides guys). It sucks you in and before you know it, daylight turns to night. What?!?!?! I couldn't have been in here that long? Not to mention it is inevitable that you will pick up and put back at least 50 items during the trip. This is mostly for one of two reasons. One, you found something or multiple somethings that trump what you already thought was a great deal. Two, you realize that you might have to pick up a second job to pay for everything in your cart. The first will leave you with a feeling of regret, which in turn will cause you to go back and purchase the item days later. This still affects the later of the two reasons, because honestly, the money didn't just appear in your purse over the course of several days. So, at the end of all this, I present you with my recent obsessions at Target that I kept going back for bought. 

The white berry basket has been an obsession of mine since I first saw them on Anthopolgie. Of course, they were way more than I wanted to pay at the time, so I put the berry basket out of my mind for the time being. That was until I was in Kohl's the other day and saw these gems. They are Food Network brand and come in a variety of colors. While I loved the colors, I had to go with white (because it goes with everything, of course!) The washi tape inside is one of my newest Target "keep going back for more" finds. You can't find them online on the site anywhere and quite honestly, they were tricky to find in the store. Also adding to the difficulty is the fact that not all Target stores carry all four color options. Huge bummer. This will lead to trips to multiple Target stores within a 20 mile vicinity. Worth it? I think so! These gems come in four packs and are based around a particular color scheme. There are currently four different colors: blue, red, green and yellow and cost a mere $4 a pack. The colors in the packs are different shades of these base colors which makes them great to use with different projects. You can find these in the scrapbook aisle the packaging aisle. This makes no sense, but this is where they can be found. They have matching binder clips, push pins, paper clips, etc. that match the tape as well. Now, go out and find some today!

These disposable straws are all the rage these days! They are great for parties and just add a certain flair and festiveness to the occasion. They also are completely adorable sitting on my counter and brightening up the room. The large straws can currently be found at Target in the party supply section. They are a steal at $2 for a 20 count pack. I have some bad news about the small straws. These lovelies were found in the Valentine seasonal section this year. They were also a 20 count pack, but were priced at $3. If you can understand why a smaller straw is more expensive than a larger straw, please let me know. While you can not just run out to your nearest Target and look for the smaller version, we can only hope that they will bring these back next year for Valentine's day and then you can score some for yourself! 

Today is a busy day full of blogging, editing a photo session, getting lesson plans together and hoping to finally be able to watch Taken 2 tonight. More on that movie fiasco later. Have a great Sunday!

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