Sunday, March 3, 2013

good things come in small packages...

So, this weekend was certainly filled with fun, friends and lots of photography! First up was moving day for a co-worker early Saturday morning. And this wasn't even a problem because I can't even sleep in on the weekends when I want to. It is near impossible. I know, hard to believe. The morning was filled with moving/unpacking fun with a whole slew of my favorite teacher friends. There was a lot of laughs, a lot of measuring and one cute little girl. I mean, seriously folks, she is a magnet for the camera. I honestly could take pictures of her all day long. There were some truly priceless moments captured on film that day, which is why I love working behind the lens so much. Now, you would think that I would go home and take long nap after all that morning fun, right? Oh no, I decided to take a road trip to the outlet mall and do some shopping for none other than myself my camera! 

{the most dangerous place on earth}

I'm sure there isn't a person around who doesn't at least know the name Vera Bradley. I have to admit, I had a slight obsession for a while a few years back. I staged my own intervention and was able to go over a year without purchasing a single Vera Bradley item (cue back pat now). With the recent purchase of my camera, I just knew I needed something more than your standard black bulky camera bag. Of course, I knew right away where I needed to go: The Vera Bradley Outlet. Luckily I had just received my birthday surprise in the mail earlier in the week and they were running an extra 40% sale on Saturday! Drum roll please.........

This beauty is my new camera bag! I am so in love with it! It must have a dozen pockets to place SD cards, batteries, chargers, all my lenses, etc. I also like that one of the outer flaps has great storage for my phone and other essentials so I won't have to take a purse with me for shoots. But the most amazing part of the bag is the shoulder strap for sure. I love that truly feels like a camera bag, without being so ugly plain. The print is Tea Garden and is retired, but the style of the bag is available in most current patterns. Definitely a must have in my book. 

The best part of the day came after the outlet shopping. It was time to purchase my first extra lens for my camera! I ran over to the Best Buy in the area and scored myself a new lens that will be perfect for portraits. 

I have been wanting this lens primarily for the f-stop range. It certainly delivers. The picture above was taken using the new lens, so you can see how wonderful the pictures turn out. I can't wait to take more pictures and see what all this little guy can do. It was certainly like Christmas putting this lens on last night and experimenting with it. I'm also trying to get my photography blog up and running in the near future to try and grow this hobby into something more. Keep posted for further information on that soon. 

Well, after an exciting weekend, my Sunday has been filled with church, editing and relaxing for the most part. I can't wait to see what the new week brings. Have a great start of the work week everyone!

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