Saturday, March 30, 2013

easter goodies...

I hope everyone is having a great Easter break wherever you may be at the moment. I am currently spending the break in PA with my family. I don't think I could ask for a more beautiful or perfect day. The sky is blue, the weather is not too cold and the Penguins are currently playing on the television. Not to mention that the ham is in the slow cooker and a delicious looking truffle my mom made is in the fridge just waiting to be devoured this afternoon. Before I left to come home for break, I decided to put together  few fun Easter baskets that were inspired by Jessica at Little Baby Garvin. I always love how she decorates and puts together the cutest holiday gifts for her man. Seriously, I always steal her ideas and don't know what I did before I started following her blog! Be prepared for some serious cuteness. 

First of all, let me talk about this "festooning" stuff that she refers to in her post. Apparently, it is available at local craft stores. It is the easiest  hardest stuff to find in real life. I literally went to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Party City and Jo-Ann's looking for it and no one has even heard of it! Now, with that being said, you can find it here if you don't need it the day before you plan to give the gift. It's really inexpensive and super cute stuff. Now, with panic in my heart, I had to come up with a Plan B for my project. I realized that I am a pro at making little tissue paper poms/flowers, so I figured I would just cover the boxes with white tissue paper and then attach three little flowers to the front to look like bunny tails. I also decided that the man basket was cute, but could easily become a kid-friendly basket for littles. All you have to do is buy your man a six-pack of beer and your little a six-pack of soda. Voila! Easy peasy! I kept three of the drinks on one side and cut out the cardboard on the other side to make it one big open side to stuff all sorts of goodies. 

I stuffed some tissue paper in the bottom to build it up a bit and then added some pink paper shreds from the Dollar Tree. One pack will last you forever! For Lex I just added some candy (of course there are Cadbury eggs!), gum and some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. For my man I added some candy, gum, a small bottle of his favorite liquor Disaronno and some small notes inside the eggs.

I cut out some white ears and taped them on the bottles. I kept the bottles in the fridge until I was ready to put the whole basket together. I think they turned out really well and are totally festive! Tomorrow I will do a quick post on the cute little "peeps" cups you see in the middle of the first picture. I hope you have come up with a cute Easter basket for the people in your life and are enjoying some time with your families! 

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